The last 5%

“The last 5% of your project launch will be the toughest.”  – probably Confucius or Rumi

It has been an interesting few months. Apologies for the radio silence, though it would be bold of me to assume people would be checking back here after merely one blog post (a gushing thanks if you did).
It was with wide-eyed hope that I last posted. It was with a youthful zeal as I bound into new territory, with everything possible, leaping (of faith) towards launch.
I am still leaping, but now with a world-weariness as I have come to realise with some leaps come some falls. There have been many challenges. Max and I contended with so many – problems with fusing my work (front-end code) with the work he had done creating our database. And then problems with uploading to the server, problems with the database, or the server, problems with the domain. Every week we would say – ‘Okay – this will be sorted next week’ – only to find a new problem the following week. Although each week we delayed, we were able to make other improvements to usability or design.
This is familiar ground to many of you. A commonly shared experience for anyone who has been involved in start-ups or new projects – I guess our struggle was amplified by our relative inexperience and we became bogged down and fed-up with these issues.
We have received lots of advice and guidance, learning about iteration, testing and also better collaborating through Github (a project collaboration platform). We learned so many things with each mistake/error we solved.
I had also been reading The Lean Startup – a book which really helped us focus on what we were trying to achieve here – a core product which people can get using – all the while learning about how people interact with it, (and whether they actually use it!) Asking the right questions. Not assuming what users want, but creating a way to meaningfully learn this.
I thought we would never get here, and we have only got to the start line. There is so much to learn and improve on. But a GP and an ED nurse have created a website from scratch that will hopefully make one group of clinicians’ lives easier (don’t worry hospital docs and nurses – we are coming for you)
And so it gives me great joy to reveal to you the culmination of our work. A way for GPs/Primary Care Doctors in the UK to easily Search for and Find educational events to stay updated. We are so excited about the potential this has – one big difficulty has been holding back the great ideas and features we have whilst focussing on making sure the core product is right.
The adage mentioned at the start certainly rings true for us. Creating the moving parts was one part of the problem – getting them to sync and work seamlessly is part of that last 5%. We go on with the appreciation that we are just at the start.
A huge thanks to Sami Triki and David Fallon for their help and guidance. A big thanks also to Network Locum for their support.

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